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Download and convert videos from YouTube to save on your PC, Mac, iPhone or other multimedia device

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Got questions? Maybe we can help

Below are some questions frequently asked by Ares Tube users. We hope that the answers to these questions will satisfy any queries you have with the software.


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  • Is Ares Tube completely free?
    Yes! It’s absolutely free. Download the software, install, and enjoy. No troubles, no hassles, no problems.
  • What exactly can I download?
    You can download videos that are ‘embedded’ in a some web pages. is perhaps the most prominent of such video sharing sites, but there are many, many others (see which sites are supported? for a list of more sites that are compatible).
  • Why should I use Ares Tube?
    Once the video is downloaded, you can view it offline (that is, when you’re not connected to the internet) as you desire. There will be no interrupted playback as you wait for the video to download, no problems with bandwidth usage, and no more searching around for the location of a video you think you remember. Check our benefits of ares tube page for a more detailed discussion.
  • Is Ares Tube ‘adware’ or ‘spyware’?
    No and no! It’s absolutely clean of so-called ‘malware’. It just sits on your computer waiting for you to download your favorite videos – it doesn’t collect any data about you or record what you are doing, and it doesn’t transmit any data back to us, either. Download, install and enjoy!
  • Can I download videos to my iPhone or iPod?
    Absolutely! It’s an easy process and used very often; this is a popular way to watch downloaded content. Check our downloading to mobile devices section for details.
  • Which sites are supported?
    There are many sites which are compatible with Ares Tube: check out out Ares Tube: supported sites page to learn more.
  • In which video formats can I save the movies?
    Videos can be saved in MP4, AVI, and MPEG formats. These will play on every computer and with most media players. If you don’t have a media player installed on your computer, then we recommend VLC.
  • I’m having trouble playing some of the videos once they’re downloaded
    The most common problem is issues with the codecs installed on your computer – at times applications like Windows Media Player and Real Player simply don’t have the right information to be able to decode and play the video. We recommend use of VLC which, in our experience, has always been able to play videos first time. It’s a great piece of software, and it’s free. For information about further support, please view our support page.

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  • How do I download videos?
    It’s easy! Check out our Ares Tube user guide: this comprehensive guide to downloading You Tube videos gives full details – from start to finish – on how to download your favorite videos.
  • Can I improve the quality of the downloaded videos?
    Unfortunately no. The quality of the download is dependent on the quality of the original. If you can find a better original, then you can have a better download; other than that, you’re stuck! Video sharing sites often reduce the quality of submitted videos in order to keep their bandwidth costs down (and in order that users can watch videos within a reasonable time).
  • Can I use Ares Tube with my iTunes platform?
    Yes! There is a very simple feature (an option enabled by default) that will automatically import any videos you download into your iTunes platform. Check our downloading to mobile devices section for more details.
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