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Download and convert videos from YouTube to save on your PC, Mac, iPhone or other multimedia device

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Ares Tube is a wonderful piece of software, and it is free. While free is absolutely fantastic, it does mean that we cannot offer any personal support. There are, however, many places around the web where help is available. We also offer below a solution to the most common problem (by far): Ares Tube playback issues.

Since Ares Tube is free software we simply cannot offer any support other than the pages you see on Official Ares (in particular we recommend you run through our step-by-step User Guide).

Playback Problems

Most playback problems are caused by your media player not having the correct codecs to play the video. This is solved either by installing the correct codec or using a different media player – we suggest VLC as being the most comprehensively compatible media player available.

If your problem is not related to the playback of downloaded videos, then read on.

First And Foremost

Try restarting Ares Tube. The problem might be caused by an error in the start-up process. If this doesn’t work then try restarting your computer. A computer restart will solve a surprising number of system errors.

Also try downloading a different video from a different site: it may be the site or video that you’re trying to save that is causing the problem, not Ares Tube.

If this still doesn’t work, then it’s likely that there is some problem with your installation of Ares Tube.


Often software (and this is not limited to Ares Tube) will not install correctly. It can help to just take the software from your system (go to your program menu -> All Programs -> Ares Tube -> Uninstall). Check for the latest version of Ares Tube from our Ares Tube download page, and try installing again.

If this doesn’t fix your problem then you could follow the links below for further assistance.

Further Assistance

Google is your friend. A quick Google Search for a description of your problem might turn up some useful results – remember, if you’ve got a problem then it’s likely the solution has already been found, documented, and placed on the web! You’re most likely not the first person to encounter this problem!

Visiting places like Yahoo! Answers and Google Groups might yield some assistance from fellow users.

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